How Deep Is Your Love - Calvin Harris - Funk Cover ft. Rozzi

How Deep Is Your Love - Calvin Harris - Funk Cover ft. Rozzi

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Listen on Spotify: on iTunes: the community:, here’s the deal: we buy a lot of our gear from It turns out that they have an affiliate program - every time someone clicks on the link below and buys something, Scary Pockets actually gets paid a small affiliate fee. So we hope that the gear list below not only gives you a sense of the equipment we use to make music, but that it actually helps Scary Pockets build a sustainable business as well. That said, ENJOY: LISTGuitars: 1960 Harmony Meteor, Parts Coodercaster, 1971 Guild m75 Bluesbird, Parts TelecasterBasses: 60’s Fender Precision BassKeys: 1974 Wurlitzer 200, 1973 Fender RhodesAmps: 1960’s Kalamazoo Two, 1953 Fender Tweed Deluxe, Magnatone 410x, 1957 Fender Havard, 1964 Fender Princeton ReverbDrums: 1964 Ludwig Gold SparkleMicrophones: AKG D112, EV RE-20, Shure SM7b (Kick), SM57, AKG 414 (Snare) Cascade Fathead, AEA N8 (Oh)Amps: SM57, Beyerdynamic M160, AEA N22, EV 666Vocals: AEA KU5A, Shure SM7bDIs: RadialPreamps: Vintech 473, Great River MP2-NV, UA 710-dInterface: UA Apollo X8Subscribe: Website: https://scarypocketsfunk.comStories Channel: https://scarypockets.bandcamp.comWatch the newest videos: funk cover of How Deep Is Your Love by Scary Pockets.MusiciansBass: Sam WilkesDrums: Abe RoundsSinger: Rozzi CraneGuitar: Ryan LermanKeys: Jack ConteRecording Engineer: Pete MinProduced, mixed, mastered, and edited by Scary Pockets.Watch more videos!Scary Pockets: Hits Funkified: Goldings: Popular: Scary PocketsWe are Scary Pockets, a funk band that releases weekly music videos, in pursuit of the funk. Scary Pockets is Ryan Lerman and Jack Conte, with the help and support from a rotating roster of the best session musicians in the LA area. Make sure to subscribe and enable ALL notifications!#ScaryPockets #Funk #HowDeepIsYourLove #CalvinHarris


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